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A New Perspective on a Classic Adventure

2004. It was the year when millions of players assumed the role of rookie cop-turned-secret agent Leon S. Kennedy as he traveled to rural Spain in pursuit of Ashley Graham, the president's missing daughter. A watershed moment in gaming, Resident Evil 4 was a reinvention of both its series and its genre - not to mention one hell of a party.

More importantly, Leon had amazing hair. Oh, and he flipped over lasers. For many, he entered the hallowed halls of video game heartthrobs in the same way he crashed through two-story windows: suddenly and with swag.

But we all know Leon's story. What about Ashley's? For the players of Resident Evil 4, she is, at best, an objective; at worst, a liability. A human cog in a well-oiled gameplay machine. But what if she was more than that? What if she was an interesting person, thrust into a crazy world with crazier men who run the gamut from hottie to hellspawn? How would she narrate this nightmare and who would she actually fall for?

Wonder no more. This is her story. This is RE4: Otome Edition.

  • Relive the events of Resident Evil 4, faithfully recreated from Ashley's perspective - and with exactly as much absurdity as that entails!
  • Kindle your relationship with a host of eligible bachelors, including the stoic Leon, the mysterious Luis, the evasive Merchant, or perhaps even the conniving Lord Saddler!*
  • Discover what happened to Ashley in the scenes you never saw, such as her initial kidnapping.
  • Make fake decisions that reveal the illusory nature of choice!
  • Demo Length: 30-45 minutes (based on reading speed)
  • Full Game Release Date: Hopefully soon
  • Gameplay Style: Kinetic Visual Novel

DISCLAIMER: RE4: Otome Edition is a parody and thus subject to Fair Use. We are not in any way affiliated with or endorsed by Capcom. All rights belong to their respective owners. If you haven't played Resident Evil 4 yet, you probably should. Fortunately, it's on most every major gaming platform.


* You can't actually do any of this, but Ashley doesn't know that.

More information

Published 28 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorErotome Software
TagsComedy, Dark Humor, erotome, Funny, Horror, Otome, Parody, re4, resident-evil, Visual Novel
Average sessionAbout an hour
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button

Install instructions

To play the demo, simply unzip the provided file and double-click the file called "RE4: Otome Edition Demo" (make sure that the "fmodex.dll" file comes along and is in the same folder as the game file). This should open the game player; no installation necessary. If you enjoy the game, or encounter issues, follow @ErotomeSoft on Twitter and/or Tumblr to receive updates and provide feedback!

If you enjoy RE4: Otome Edition, please consider offering feedback and donations (via PayPal: support@erotome.com) so that Erotome can live up to its goal of making games you'll love. Thank you!

Note for Windows users: If you receive an error message like "'d3dx9_37.dll," it is likely that you do not have DirectX 9 installed, which is necessary to run the game's engine. You can download DirectX 9 for free here.  You may also try this method:

- Right click on the application

- Select 'Run with graphics processor'

- Select your processor

Note for Mac users: Because Resident Evil 4: Otome Edition uses the Novelty engine, which requires DirectX, you must have a Mac that runs Windows (via Boot Camp) in order to play the game.


RE4 Otome Edition Demo.zip (80 MB)

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*Rurr* Hello everyone ;D I remember this game, and for anyone who cares, I have my funny gameplay and commentary of me playing the demo for anyone who'd like to see how funny this game can be :P Can't wait for the full release

oh shit its back!

It liiiiiiives!


good to see its back 


Funny stuff!